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mobile home park


Mobile Home Park Rules

Where the word Management is used it refers to the City of Rose City,

  1. No Mobile Home or lot shall be sub-leased, sold or transferred without the knowledge of management.

  2. Proof of ownership and insurance of your mobile home must be on file at City Hall.

  3. The City is not responsible for damage, injury or loss by accident, theft or fire to the property or any tenant, persons or guest. You enter and live in the park at your own risk.

  4. Pets approved by the management will be allowed in park.

  5. Noise allowances in the park will be the same as the rest of the city.

  6.  No commercial vehicles will be allowed to be parked overnight unless approved by the management.

  7. All structures or alternations (including steps and sidewalks) to mobile home or lot must be described in writing and approved by management prior to installation.

  8. All clogged sewers above ground are the responsibility of the tenant.

  9.  All mobile homes must be skirted with good quality materials within thirty days of occupancy and must be approved by management.

  10. All trash shall be kept in containers and must be kept on the side of the mobile home and put-out for pick-up no sooner than the night before pick-up day. Bundled branches in 4 foot lengths and grass and leaf clippings must be bagged and set on side of road for pick-up.

  11. All tenants are expected to maintain their mobile home and lot in a neat and clean manner, free of debris all lawns must be mowed on a regular basis.

  12. No open fires are permitted on any lot within the Rose City Mobile Home Park

  13. All lots are leased as single family dwellings.

  14. Management reserves the right to evict any tenant who does not abide by the rules and/or the lease agreement.

  15. Parents are responsible for their children and their actions at all times.

  16. Request for all services and repairs must be in writing and dated via a Request for Services form which will be available at City Hall and will be addressed as needed.

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