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Rose City established a DDA Board & District in 2002 based on Michigan Public Act (PA) 197. The mission & purpose of a DDA is to correct & prevent deterioration in the DDA District, to encourage historic preservation, and to promote the economic growth of the district.


Meeting Schedule

4th Tuesday of each month at 6 PM at Council Chambers behind Police Department. 
Exceptions for holidays


Mark Benjamin                                 10/24/11   to   01/01/25
Fred LaPointe                                    07/20/10  to   01/01/25
Tammy Delaney                                05/22/12   to   01/01/25
Chase Wiltse                                   

10/1/23     to   01/01/25   

Board Members

President: Rick Benjamin

 01/01/22  to  12/31/24
Vice-President: Mark Berdan            01/01/22  to  12/31/24
Treasurer: Carol Butler                        01/01/22  to  12/31/24
Secretary: Theresa Erickson              01/01/22  to  12/31/24
Mayor, ex-officio: Jeremy Card      01/01/22  to   12/31/24

Projects Completed

* City Parking Lot on East Main Street refurbished
* Sidewalk on East Main Street north side installed from Warner to Heberstreit
* Welcome Signs refurbished on M-33 on north & south terminus of city
* Trailhead Sign refurbished at East Main Street Trailhead
* Plantings & Sign installed at Houghton Creek Park entry on M-33
* Annual plantings at 4-corners at M-33 and Main Street
* Mural painted on side of building (Trapper’s) located northwest of intersection of M-33 and Main Street
* Funding for 3 years of Michigan Web (Michigan Backroads) Terrific Towns

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